Note from the chairman

Hi everyone, my name is Barry Caplan and l am the Chairman of Inside Out Stoma Support Group.  

I have been associated with the  group for the past 25 plus years, and our aim to give you as much help as we can, before and after your surgical procedure, based on our experiences as Ostomists  

You will find many different products to help you manage your Stoma, which can be confusing and we can guide you to the right ones. 

I had my operation on the 31st October 1957, Halloween Night, which makes it 66 years old this year, 2023. We have been good friends ever since, but, I must admit l have been lucky, as l haven’t had too many problems.  

Having a stoma hasn’t stopped me from enjoying my life. I have been married for 58 years and we have 2 children and 4 Grand children. One family lives in London and the other is in Canada, to where we make many visits. I have also worked as a London taxi driver for 52 years. So, you see anyone who is going to have a stoma operation, once you get over your surgery, you can just go and enjoy your life. My motto is, Be positive, life is what you make it. 

Look forward to see or speak with you soon, and if you don’t feel like visiting our Coffee Mornings in person you can always join us on Zoom. We cover the whole world.  

My best wishes and be well, 

Barry C